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This journal will now be friends only. Well not the whole entire journal, but a lot of the things will be. I mean, I can't have have strangers reading everything that is on my mind. D: Or people I'm not close to. So if you want to be added, comment and I'll add you. ^^ But it's better if you tell me who you are and such, but it's not required. I'll add anyone actually. hehe. But it's not like anyone knows me here and will...T___T Waaah! Oh well. I'll have more friends soon. :D
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15 April 2009 @ 05:20 pm
*pokes Daiki's cheeks*Collapse )</div>
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18 March 2008 @ 06:31 pm
It seems like I wont be on for a long...long...long time. I could be wrong, and I hope I am! ^^ Maybe a miracle will happen, and I might be able to come back online. Maybe some things will happen like last time, and then I can use the computer again, just maybe...

I can't finish my secret project anymore it seems...well...for now. I was looking so forward to it too...

And, I love you guys so much! I wont be able to stay in touch with so many of you now...hehe...

Tene, I'll miss you a lot! I love you very much and thank you for all those wonderful gifts and for being my friend!

Hiisa, I know you wont be reading this since you don't have LJ but, you're a very sweet and caring person. I'm glad you trust me a lot in many things, you're a great friend. I'll miss you loads! Love you!

Ari, ahh....I haven't spoken to you for awhile, and probably wont be able to anymore it seems. You're a nice person, and I love you a lot and it was nice knowing you! ^^ Love you!

Laura, you're such a sweet person! Although you're 18, you seem 15 to me. You're such a sweetie, I'll miss you a lot. And I miss playing flyff with you! Hopefully we can play again someday. bye bye my flyff partner!

Wahida, hmm...not sure if you'll be reading this, but, I'll miss you a lot too! You're a kind person who's suffered, and still seem to do so now. I hope things get better for you, and I love you lots! Take care of the Yesungie Forum!

Tiffany, ahh...you'll never be reading this, since I doubt you ever read my LJ. But, I'll miss you too like the others! Bye bye cool guy. hehe.

Shadow, don't think I'll miss arguing over dumb things with you! Thanks for listening to my complaints before. If anyone from CCR asks about me...you might know what to say...^^ Love you!

Tweeeeeeeee!!! My soul sisterrr! I will miss talking about our moms together! haha! I'll also miss playing with you on facebook! Well, we don't exactly play, but well, you know what I mean! I'll miss you lots sis! I love you very very much! take care of the pets! hehe. Hammy will miss you!

Tarryn, sis....I'll miss chatting with you every single day...I'll miss you a lot. You're the greatest big sister anyone can ever have. You really accept me for who I am...and you listen to all my worries...thank you so much. ^^ I'll probably be able to talk to you at least through the phone maybe. ^^ I love you!

Gerty...omg...my little Garfield! Just by typing your name made me start crying! I...I think I'll just send you a PM...you're the friend I've always longed for...I'll miss you so much, I can't explain the pain...I love you my wifey! ^^ We'll live together in 3-4 years or so!

Sorry for not making this long guys! I don't have much time! I have to go before my wonderful sweet loving, caring, kind hearted, #1 mommy in the world comes home! ^^
I would have made each bye to you individuals if I was able to!

And Hiisa, here it's under Everyone so you can read it! ^^

bye byeeee! I hope things work out! I pray for the miracle to happen and let me use my little computer again. Love you all!

By the way, if my parents dare lay a hand on me again, or try to strangle me like they did before, I'll call the police! mwahaha! Don't worry guys! I wont let them physically abuse me again!
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16 February 2008 @ 08:37 pm

Uhhh....uhhhh...oh yeah. i remember.

This morning, because of my stupid dad I woke up. I needed more sleep! hrutyb58ve4t CURSE YOU DAD!
But I got up like half an hour later, because I fell asleep again.
And then... got on the computer a bit later. and and and Ari was on! :D We had a convo...well of course. xD It's fun talking to her. She's really sweet. And I told her one of my life events...from the past. And she told me some things. :D Yay!~ I feel less paranoid. And hopefully gradually it'll stop. I think she mentioned being a bit paranoid about me too. xD
And and and today she mentioned me on her journal. 8D YAAAY!~ And I was in the subject too. it was all about moi! And and and she siad she'll sign on just for me! D: I AM SO LOVED!!! *huggles Ari* DON'T TOUCH HERRR! SHE'S MINE! >=( *kicks everyone away*

And then uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what else happened? Oh yeah, I tried to make the filtering thingy...it went...sorta ok...not so good...so yeah. I didn't make anything at all today. T___T

I kept reading Hiisa's message thingy to me over and over today. It makes me really happy. :) Thank you Hiisa, hopefully, I'll be able to make something nice for you too.

Some girl from SJ*FH got Yesung's signature! JHDVT576Y5E Well...me and a few others are marrying him so...yeah. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I read some articles about Yesung today, they're a bit old, but yeah. They broke my heart...

*copies and pastes everything. even the poster's comments because they make me happy xD*

October 15, 2007


Recently I heard news that when this boy (name: Yesung) from Super Junior was on MC Mong’s radio show he apperently shared how he rarely gets close-ups during performances or gets asked for his signature. Instead, he spends most of his time at home alone while the other members are busy doing various things, variety shows, drama’s, CF’s and so on and onyesungie4yesungie4. Horrible part is that it’s true. Right from the start when Super Junior debuted with it’s 12 members he instantly got pushed in to the shadows. He himself has said it took three weeks after their debut before he got a close-up shot on TV. His mother called him up and said” Now I can finally say my son is in Super Junior”

Maybe it’s not so hard to understand in a group of 12 (now 13 and maybe soon to be 14), a lot of members, hard to get them all on screen, but the sad part is that Yesung is clearly one of the top three singers in the group. If not the best. Specially when they first debuted and Kyuhyun was not in the group yet. It makes me quite mad to see this happen. Specially since he has it all going for him. Good looks, great voice and a kind and funny personality. He is the one that builds almost all of their song’s up. I don’t know what their songs would be without him.. kyuhyun is an extreamly amzing singer, yes, but I don’t think he could handle Yesung’s parts.

Their is absolutely no reson at all why this should happen. It really makes me mad!! At least now they take it up and hopefully this will change! sorry for my rambling but this really makes me mad..

October 18, 2007

22 year-old Yae Sung (예성), real name Kim Jong Oon (김종운), confessed in a recent interview on MC Mong’s radio show that he has secretly used cocaine and weed to help him cope with the unbearable music, dance moves, and hair while being a Super Junior.Sike, no, but Yae Sung did say that he was the most unknown and the least popular among Super Junior members. What do you expect when you don’t stand out in a mega-humongous boy-band? I mean there are ways to stand out, albeit not many good - fat and funny Shin Dong, girl-y and talentless (singing voice) Hee Chul, tall, handsome, and lacking charm Choi Shi Won.Yae Sung’s highlight was in 2001, when he won “Best singing (노래짱)” at an SM competition. On the radio show he said he had a hard time staying at the group’s complex when other members were out with busy schedules. To lighten up the mood and Yae Sung’s spirits, the show took time to advertise the depressed singer. About 20 minutes later, there was an inpour of supporting messages (about 1000) and Yae Sung ranked third in online search engines.(credits: www.z-degrees.net )

Found this and reading it, it really breaks my heart. He is my favorite suju member and to know that he feels like this and not being able to show my support really makes my day stink. And feel really hopeless. The thing is it’s such a sick thing! It’s not like it’s going bad for the group, some of the members like Heechul, is really really big!! And I can’t belive that they are planning to put another member in the group! Take care of the ones that already in the group first!

I’m happy that so many called in and showed support though. Hope he’s feeling better..¨

To show my support: Picspam

~ I,the person who's copying and pasting wont have a Yesungie picspam unfortunately. T___T Because, my daddy is right behind me and...yeah.

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09 February 2008 @ 03:31 pm
I AM SOOOOO TICKED OFF! I know how to use the pen tool now, well sort of...ok I do. But I dunno how to do the rest of the steps! It's so confusing! and I really wanna learn how to make thisssssssss! WAAAAAHHHHH! *cries* SOMEONE TEACH MEEEEEEEE! T_____T Hopefully...soon I'll know how, and when i look back at this, I'll smile knowing that I finally know how. Did that make sense?
GRRRRR! I WANNA MAKE IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOW! SOMEBODY TEACH ME STEP BY STEP! T____T *sigh* I'll try making other things, things that I do know how to make...

Anyways...this morning, the first thing I did is shower while brushing my teeth. xD Yaaay! Finally I got to take a shower!
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08 February 2008 @ 10:42 pm
The math midterm was HELL. All I did was what i understood. So, I failed. I'm pretty sure I did.
Anywayssssss....uhh, nothing else really happened. Oh and I fell asleep during the Khutba again...as always. Oh and last week or something, Nadirah's tummy grumbled during salah. hehehe. I forgot to mention it before. :x

Today I was trying my best to make something nice for Nat, since it's her birthday. But I had no idea what. I was deciding on using the scrap book effect, but then I just made something else. It's very simple, but took me awhile to decide what to add and do with it. I made two, same thing with slight differences. She liked the second one more. :) I'm glad she liked them because I know she doesn't like it when it's her bday, so I was planning on making her happy, or cheering her up even if it's a little bit with it.
I chose Yesung because he's her favorite member from Super Junior. Yipeeeee! :D


Oh and, I try to make that gif I was planning on making. but I keep encountering various problems. I tried to make two with different gif bases, but but but, the 2nd one turns red! Dx And and and I need to crop it to 100x100
Photobucket Photobucket

And this is the avatar I two days ago, only selective coloring was used. hehe, I changed his hair color.

Tarryn sent me one of the Miracle perfs by Suju, they were wearing blue. She said they all look cute. pfft. yesung looks the cutest, the others aren't cute at all! xD I started spazzing about Yesungie. Hehe. Lookie.

O_o says:
*skips to yesuhng's part*
O_o says:
O_o says:
Tarryn says:
O_o says:
Tarryn says:
yes he is!
O_o says:
he makes sucha pretty girl too!
Tarryn says:
O_o says:
my cute button! I wanna huggle him so tightly!

O_o says:
O_o says:
i keep rpelying his part xD
Tarryn says:
lol coughtheyalllookgoodinbluerightcough
O_o says:
Tarryn says:
lol fine!
O_o says:
hehehe. you can never change my mind

Today was the first time I spoke to Nancy so much. I'm quite sure we'll start talking more and more. :) She also asked me to add her on my myspace. I forgot I had one. xD hgfjdghdfye. I wonder what Nadirah will say when she hears this. But I don't have any old strangers under friends so I'm fine. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, someone added me on MSN. The person obviously loves Yesungie as well. The e-mail addy itself gave it away. The MSN name did so as well. I'm happy. :) I hope to be able to speak to the person soon.
Also, TulySuJung, from youtube joined the yesung forum. She had a feeling I'm the person she spoke to on Youtube so she PMed me asking. I wonder if she's the person who added me.
Oh, and she morphed her pic with yesung's pic, it was sooooo funny! If they were to have a daughter...she'd probably look like that. xD ahaha.

OMG...I didn't shower for...four days now. :x PEOPLE DON'T THINK I'M NASTY! I HAVE MY REASONS! >=( So try to understand! And no, I do not stink like a skunk. But man...i feel so...hfdghfgfxd. The first thing tomorrow morning I'll do it brush my teeth and shower. I do that a lot hehehe.

OMG! D: I forgot to reply to those people. The people on AF probably thinks I'm DEAD. I feel so bad. I will reply tomorrow, pinky swear. :) *pinky swears with self*
And I'll also reply to that person and Hitomi, or something like that.
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07 February 2008 @ 09:52 pm
How can I have forgotten to mention this...I made a new friend on Sunday. Her name is Tarryn. One of my best friends from sj*fh. :) Also my long lost big sister. She's so sweet! she calls me sweetie! :D And yesterday she complimented on how even though I'm 14, I don't seem it, and I seem more mature, or something like that. xD sdsfgdgdgf i feel so guilty.

Sis. Ameena yelled at me today...T____T
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06 February 2008 @ 07:56 pm
*copies and pastes from my PM to gerty* xD

The reason why I couldn't sleep well, let's see...yesterday we had guests come over with their little baby. And they were bugging me to print something. >=( And I was too lazy to printing the same thing over and over, so I wrote the same hting in one page so they can just cut it. And they were still bugging me and saying "nuuuuuu fhdytrdrdgfg." and just because I didn't understand something they were treating me like I'm retarded. <_<
Well anyways, so they even stayed over the night. GRRRRRRRRRRR. I sleep in the living room, but I had to sleep in the bedroom last night because of them. and the bed in that room has some bedbugs. and the mattress is really hard. so in the end i got ticked off and went to sleep on the floor. my little sister followed, and she wanted my mom there too. so we were all cramped on the ground. xD My sister's elbow kept hitting me, and I got ticked off and went down a bit. I was still suffering from the bedbugs. @___@ and I was itching and burning in certain places, and all I had was a blanket. I wanted a pillow but...the guests took it. T___T
And the baby kept crying every now and then, and I kept waking up because of the bedbugs, so I lost a lot of sleep. and I was REALLYYYYYYYY ticked off, so I couldn't sleep properly because of that too. and in the end...I didn't get enough sleep. I missed my school bus and had to use the public bus. <_<
Nadirah commented at school today saying I look dead. xD
and another thing is that...they might stay over tonight...AGAIN. DUN DUN DUNNNNN
I can't even take a shower! T___T I don't like showering when we have guests over. And today's the second day without a shower...D: NUUUUUUUU! I WANNA SHOWER! T____T *cries* WAAAAAH! ~Edit~ OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MORE GUESTS! Someone called to open the door and...EVEN MORE! CURSE YOU ALL! GO TO A HOTEL OR THE PARK OR SOMETHING! GRRRRRRRRRR!
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04 February 2008 @ 11:13 pm
I just made another friend today from SJ*FH. hehe. It's dorellana. I'll edit tomorrow...or at the end of the week. xD
03 February 2008 @ 09:11 pm
*saves spot*

Even though I'm editing, I'm going to bed soon, and can't sya much. But I'll say some things before I forget. xD


Tene made me sad, I don't remember how. xD I just got upset. Aha, it's not her fault. She's innocent. I just felt sad all of a sudden. and I tolf Fanny Tene made me cry. and Fanny said something, (which I will copy and paste later xD) and yeah. and stuff...xD