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My life was meant to be depressing and lonely

23 March 1993
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Yesung ♥
too lazy to edit

Ahh I'm so lazy. haha, I'll edit everything someday. Ok no soon. I promise! For now here's a gifs of Yesung. =D It'll make us all happy.

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Chicka chicka chicka chii. I am sooo lazy. i don't edit my profile to make it look pretty. Just bear it with me until I patch it all up. So here's another gif of Yesung.

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Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever.
[_Daiki Arioka & I_]

[Yesung] stole °[Hamim's]° first [Under the stars]
;;and it was magical~

ATTENTION! »»» Oguri Shun belongs to me!